Round is a charging station for phones, tablets, computers and other electronic devices. With its 6 USB ports and its 2 universal plugs, Round allows charging any device at the same time, independently of the plugs (European, American, etc.). Also, it has been designed for letting the bulky AC adaptors off.

It is perfect for placing it on the table or on the shelf, thanks to its compact design and its huge charging capacity. Furthermore, it is a smart charger, as it recognizes the different types of connected devises and it is protected from being overcharged or discharged.

The product is especially made for hotels, apartments, receptions and waiting rooms or even for domestic use.

Model: Round

Dimensions: 150mm width x 60mm height

Net weight: 560g

Material: Flame retardant polymer

Input: AC 100-240V-1.4 (total 8A) 50/60 Hz

Output USB: x3 (2,4Amp) + x3 (1Amp) until 51W

Plug power (x2 units): 1250W

Color: Black


The wires are not included.

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