The Soleo is an exterior charger that works thanks to renewable energy. The product can be a solar charger for mobiles or a charging station that works with hydropower.

The Soleo can offer Internet of Things (IoT) to connect devices and people such as Wi-Fi or environmental sensors that read for example temperature, humidity or the air quality of cities. Offering the possibility of controlling this information in real time through a management dashboard.

One iconic solution that merges with new technologies and the sustainability to create Smart Cities.

Model: Soleo

Dimensions: 3004mm x 950mm x 1697mm

Signalling system dimensions: 1096mm x 100mm (possibility of complete personalization)

Net weight: 200 kg

Charging outputs: 4 to 8 USB with IP54 element protection

Charging option via Solar Panels:

  • Power: 50W
  • Voltage circuit: 12V – 22V
  • Type of panels: monocrystalline

Charging option through hydraulic turbine:

  • Power 50/100W


  • Type: A6M without maintenance
  • Pack capacity: 12V, 100mAh
  • Life cycles: hundreds of cycles


IoT sensors: temperature, humidity and air quality


  • The product can be customizable for marks or institutions
  • Not included charge cable for user

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