The Wall charger offers lockers with secure charging for mobiles and other devices like laptops or tablets. The Wall has charging cables for all smartphones of the current market but also a plug in each one of the lockers.

The product it’s specially made to offer charging services in huge spaces such as shopping malls, universities, resting areas…

The standard model incorporates traditional key and opaque doors. Nevertheless Wall can integrate extra features:

  • Security locks: with traditional key (standard), coin return lock or electronic keyboard.
  • Doors: opaque doors (standard) or methacrylate transparent.

This charging station is manufactured with long-lasting and resistant materials.

Model: WALL

Dimensions: 1800mm x 950mm x 500mm

Lockers dimensions: 130mm x 365mm x 500mm

Net Weight: 150 kg

Cables included: 20 units

Plugs: 20 units

Material: Iron ISO 10204 / Interpon 610

Input: 110 – 250V 50-60 Hz

Output: DC 5V – 2,1AMP quick charge/ AC110-150V 13A (enchufe)

Power: 240 W (cables) – 1500W plug


  • Locks options: with traditional key (standard), coin return lock or electronic keypad
  • Doors: opaque doors (standard) or methacrylate transparent

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