The Blues is a charging station for businesses that offers 4 individual portable batteries with quick charge for clients. A charging service adapted to social clubs, hotels, restaurants, bars, leisure places, etc.

Blues has a charging rack that connects to the current and 4 portable batteries. When the client wants to charge, they’ll only need to take a portable battery and charge their device on their table.

The charging base (dock) and the portable batteries can be personalized with brand image.

Model: BLUES + Batería portátil BATT10 (x4)

Dimensions: 140mm x 210mm x 210mm

Net Weight: 1,8 kg

Material: Polímero termoplástico bicolor

Input: 110 – 250V 50-60 Hz

Output: DC 5V – 2,1AMP (x1) – 1AMP (x1) carga rápida

Dimensions of BATT10 132mm x 74mm x 22,5mm

Capacity of the BATT10: 10.000mAh


  • Include charging cable for the user (x4)

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