Groove is a charger for mobiles and other devices such as tablets and computers. The product has 8 USB outputs (4 on each side) and 2 plugs (1 on each side).

Thanks to its reduced size and high charging capacity it’s the ideal equipment for rest areas in shopping malls, airports, train stations or other public places.

The user of Groove only has to insert his charging cable in the USB connectors to receive charge.

Model: Groove

Dimensions: 1106mm x 250mm x 200mm

Dimensions methacrylate: 297mm x 210mm

Charge outputs: 4 USB y 1 plug (possibility of protection for outdoor IP54)

Net Weight: 20 kg

Material: Iron ISO 10204 / Interpon 610

Input: 110 – 250V 50-60 Hz

Output: DC 5V – 2,1AMP quick charge / AC110-150V 13A (plug)

Power: 116W


  • Not included charge cable for user

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