The Hip Hop is a charging totem to be placed in huge spaces. The product has 6 quick charging outputs for mobiles through integrated cables that adapt to all types of smartphones on the current market.

The Hip Hop is an excellent communication tool due to its 4 static advertising spaces for posters.

Although its size, it’s a light product for transport and is made of resistant materials. So its a perfect charger to be placed in events or resting areas.

Model: HIP HOP

Dimensions: 1800mm x 450mm x 600mm

Dimensions advertising poster (x4): 600mm x 400mm

Net weight: 23,5 kg

Cables included: 6 units

Material: Iron ISO 10204 / Interpon 610

Input: 110 – 250V 50-60 Hz

Output: DC 5V – 2,1AMP quick charge

Power: 58 W


  • Include charging cables for the users

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