Tango is a mobile charger for restaurants with 4 USB outputs with quick charge and lighting support for advertising (backlight).

Tango is perfect to charge smartphones at bar tables or shelves, restaurants or clubs because it offers charge without being connected to an energy source.

It offers an innovative and comfortable charge service to the clients. The system is simple/easy to use. The clients only need to connect their devices to the Tango with a cable and turn on the Tango to receive charge. Also the device includes a screen that shows the Tango’s battery status.

Model: TANGO

Dimensions: 152mm x 178mm x 57mm

Dimensions advertising backlight (x2 sides): 160mm x 94mm

Net weight: 650 g

Material: Acrylic

Input: 5V /2A

Output: DC 5V – 2,1AMP quick charge (x4 USB)

Battery: 18650 LI-ION 10.000 mAh


  • Not include charging cables for user
  • Include charger for Tango
  • Include battery status indicator

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