Install the Yupcharge charger that best adapts to you

Our mobile charging stations adapt to the needs of each client and space.
They can also be big or small, offer open charging spaces or charging lockers and, also, have digital screens or advertising spaces.

Discover all our models and their features!

Desktop Chargers

Mobile chargers for businesses of small and medium dimensions. We can, for example, find mobile chargers for bars and restaurants or charging stations for waiting rooms.


Tango Lite Lite is a mobile charger for bars, restaurants…
Cargadores de móviles de sobremesa Tango


Tango is a mobile charger for restaurants with…


The Blues is a charging station for businesses that offers…
Elegante estación de carga para móvil Funk


Funk is the perfect quick charger for tables…


Round is a charging station for mobile phones with its 6 USB ports and its 2 universal plugs…
Cargador móvil sobremesa Hip


The quick charger called Hip is specially designed for walls…
Estación de carga para móvil con pantalla digital Swing


The Swing charger offers 8 quick charge outputs…

Charging racks

Charging stations for mobiles that offer a secure charge for multiple devices at the same time. Made for places with a lot of traffic and need of charging. Also ideal as chargers for rest areas or mobile chargers for events.


Soul offers 3 charging lockers with light and cables in all its departments…
Taquillas de carga para móviles Popmini


The Popmini lockers offers 6 safe charging spaces…


The Poprock quick charger offers 8 safe charging…
Wall estaciones de carga para grandes espacios


The Wall charger offers lockers with secure charging for…

Charging totems

Charging equipment for mobiles with accessible structures, ideal to charge devices in rest areas or places with a lot of traffic.
Estación totem Hip Hop carga móviles


The Hip Hop is a charging totem to be placed in huge spaces…
Estaciones de carga para móvil con 4 salidas de carga USB Groove


Groove is a charger for mobiles and other devices such as…
Tótems de carga con pantalla digital Jazz


The Jazz charger offers 12 quick charging outputs…

Ecological Chargers

Mobile chargers for cities that work with renewable energy such as solar power and hydropower. An example is the solar charger for cities thought for open areas of parks, seafronts, university campus, mall, terraces or museums. Soleo can include Wi-Fi and IoT solutions for the implementation of technologies such as iBeacons or environmental sensors.


The Soleo is an exterior charger that works thanks to renewable energy…

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